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¢£First Case of Bird Flu in Tokushima Confirmed 2011-02-10

On February 8th the influenza virus H5 has been found in a dead wild bird (owl) found in Naka-gun Naka-cho – this is the first case of bird flu in Tokushima Prefecture.

Please follow the instructions below and stay calm.
1. Try not to approach wild birds. If you find a dead bird, don¡Çt touch it and contact our consulting service in case you are worried.
2. If you have a bird or other pet at home, please assure that they don¡Çt come in contact with wild birds. If you think that something is strange (with your pet), please contact our consulting service.
3. The bird flu does not affect the meat or eggs of infected birds. You will not get infected by eating these. We stress again that the chance of a person getting infected with the bird flu virus is low.

Consulting Service Hotline: Prefectural Nature and Environment Division TEL 088-621-2262
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