Disaster Prevention Measures for Your Daily Life - 8

When an earthquake occurs, you have to keep calm and act with confidence.กก

The most important thing you have to look after is your personal safety. When inside, hide under a table to avoid getting hit by falling objects, and when outside, be careful of glass breaking, tiles falling from rooves, and other objects. Most of all, stay away from unstable walls and power lines. When heading outside, make sure you wear shoes and have something to protect your head. If you don't have a helmet, pillows and cushions make a good substitute.

Ten tips to protect yourself during an earthquake:

  1. First, protect yourself!
  2. Calmly put out fires / potential sources of fire.
  3. Open doors and secure an escape route.
  4. If you find a fire, shout out to alert others and work to put it out.
  5. Look out for falling objects when going outside.
  6. Don't go near tight roads, cliffs and waterways.
  7. Look out for tsunami warnings, and landslides!
  8. Evacuate by foot, and travel as light as possible.
  9. Offer to help others.
  10. Don't be fooled by false reports and information.
2008Tokushima Prefecture