Disaster Prevention Measures for Your Daily Life - 6

There is no guarantee that a disaster is going to happen when you and your family and friends are all together at the same place. What would you do if a large-scale disaster happened and everyone was separated? How would you get in touch to see if those important to you are ok?
Would you call them? If everyone calls at the same time the system becomes overloaded, so phone companies often limit access to making personal calls in times like this. This is why it is so difficult to get through when a disaster occurs. So, then what would you do?
Some families may place a pen and paper in their emergency kits, and decide on a place in town where they can leave messages. This way, if a disaster occurs and everyone becomes separated, members of the family simply need to go to the designated spot and read a message there telling them where the writer is. This is especially useful for when a certain member may be forced to go to an evactuation center, but can leave a message before they go to let their family know where to find them.
Another handy tip is to make sure to carry a photo of the members of your family at all times. If you have become separated, you can use the photo to ask of their whereabouts. You can also try using public telephones to see if you can get in contact with them.

* Settle on a way to get in contact in time of a disaster.
* Learn where you can find public phones in your neighbourhood
* Always carry some change you can use in public phones
* Use the phone disaster message board on (call 171)
2008Tokushima Prefecture