Disaster Prevention Measures for Your Daily Life - 4

Back when you were a child and used to play games around the house, you might have known every little hiding space and every little crack in the walls on your home. But what about now?

Making a full check of the area about your home to see what is there and what condition it is in is very important. For example, do you park your bike next to your doorway? Are there any gardening tools or implements in the area outside your home? Perhaps there might be gas tanks just nearby connected to your home.

These, along with many other small things standing in our day to day environment, can make a big difference when it comes to the occurance of a large-scale earthquake. What would happen to the TV antenna on your home that has been worn over the years by the wind, or the loose tiles on the rooves of houses nearby?

The time to check for these things is now - before a problem occurs. Here is what you can do:

¢£ Look for cracks in supporting beams / walls of your home / apartment building
¢£Check for loose tiles / roofing and have it fixed
¢£Make sure any nearby gas tanks are properly secured and kept away from dangerous obstacles
¢£ Secure any plants on your veranda to prevent them from falling off
2008Tokushima Prefecture