Disaster Prevention Measures for Your Daily Life - 2

Perhaps you've seen a horror movie where strange forces cause furniture to fly across the room or thump around, moving across the floor. However, the occurance of a large-scale earthquake can take these kinds of things off the silver screen and into your home. The tremors of an earthquake can cause bedside tables to move about, utensils to fly out of the cupboard, furniture to shift and rattle about, and drawers to fly out and onto the ground. You don't have to be at the mercy of the tremors, however, as securing your furniture can reduce the level of damage caused during a quake. First, you can secure large furniture using l-shaped brackets. Make sure to get the right type, however, as the wrong bracket may not have any effect. You can find a wide range of brackets and stoppers at your local home center, and you can even get help if you are unsure how to use them.

¢£Refrain from placing tall furniture on carpets or tatami (hard surfaces are best)
¢£Secure all large furniture to walls, the cieling etc with l-shape brackets
¢£Make sure furniture or items standing on top of other furniture is secured
¢£Use rubber stops to prevent items such as TVs and computers from shifting about
¢£Place shatter-resistant film on glass surfaces
2008Tokushima Prefecture