Disaster Prevention Measures for Your Daily Life - 1

Do you sometimes leave large bags of garbage near your doorway the night before collection? Do you sometimes find you can”Ēt remember where you put your glasses? And in your home are there any bookcases or shelves near doorways, or plates, glasses and other fragile objects placed in high areas? What would happen if an earthquake suddenly occurred? Garbage can prevent escape from the building and even be a cause for injuries. Being unable to find your glasses right away could hamper your ability to escape and protect yourself. Even if the gas on your stove is cut off, the plate is still hot and may cause fires. Books can fall from shelves, bookshelves fall over and block important passageways.

Take a look at your daily life and see if there is anything you can do to avoid potential problems during an earthquake. Even small efforts like this can have a large impact on how you survive a natural disaster and ensure your safety.

Brought to you by the Prefectural Disaster Center.
2008Tokushima Prefecture